Hard Work Generates Results

As many of know we are sending a team to San Diego, whats not so well known is the total cost of the trip is over $16,000. That’s where these fundraising drop-ins come in. We have two different classes we’re going to be offering as drop-ins, we have a bootcamp and a yoga class each offer at 1pm, Saturday and Sunday respectively. Both classes will continue on up until February 3rd. At only $10/each it is truly an amazing price for an amazing class.

Bootcamp Drop-in

Looking to keep the winter blues in check? Try this hour long bootcamp style workout, it will be of moderate intensity but one great workout. And the best part, of your $10, 100% of it goes to the Aspire Fitness Adventure Race Team, who will be traveling to San Diego February 7th to compete in Tough Mudder. An organization that helps raise over $3,000,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.So keep winter in check and come check out these weekly bootcamp drop-ins… you won’t regret it!

Yoga Drop-in

Want a gentle way to warm yourself up this winter? Aspire Fitness is now offering hour long yoga sessions weekly. Yup, you heard right, one full hour of yoga. Translation: more pidgeon posture and less prisoner squats! Our hour long Aspire Yoga sessions will be primarily focused on a more restorative practice. What does this mean? It means more time focusing on stretch and less on strength (we’ll let you visit a Tough Mudder Bootcamp for that!). These sessions will be used to work on opening up our hips, stretching our hamstrings, releasing tension in our upper bodies and allowing ourselves to wind down and feel rested for the rest of the week. These classes cost $10 and there are 16 spots available. All of the money from these classes goes directly to helping fund our Tough Mudder SoCal Team in February! Sign up and book your spot today. Thanks in advance for all your help!!!