Hard Work Generates Results

Diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to achieving and maintaining your ideal body. You can work your butt off at the gym, but if you are going home and eating cheeseburgers and drinking moo-lattes, you aren’t going to see the results you want. Something that can help a lot with staying on track with your diet is being accountable to another person or two. Many have kept food diaries, but that doesn’t always allow for complete honesty with oneself (for example, writing down you had a serving of mashed potatoes, but it was really a heaping plate smothered in gravy). A new way to keep yourself in check can be through a private Facebook group. The Pushups 2 Pinups program utilizes this medium as a tool to be honest with yourself about what you are eating and also receive encouragement and ideas from the others in the group. You can start your own group with a couple of friends and easily upload pics of your meals (this helps a lot with being honest with your portion sizes), post recipes for healthy meals you have discovered, and also just vent about all the food you wish you could be eating! Try it out and you may notice yourself having second thoughts about giving into that 10pm chips and dip craving.