Hard Work Generates Results

If you are new to getting in shape, or a longstanding fitness fan, the protein shake is likely a staple in your diet. Protein shakes are great for squeezing in that extra protein your muscles need without having to eat the amount of food it would require to get the same results. Buying either your first tub of protein, or perhaps a new flavour can go a little something like this.

DAY 1: ‘Yay! This protein flavour is so delicious! I can’t believe it is so low calorie and gives me all this proetin! It’s like a milkshake, I could drink these all day!’

WEEK 2: ‘Hey, fellow gym-goers, have you tried this new protein flavour? I absolutely love it!’

WEEK 4: ‘Ugh, I’m starting to get sick of this flavour….’

MONTH 2: ‘Why do they make these tubs so big??? I have been drinking this flavour forever and still can’t see the bottom!’

What may help with the repetitiveness of drinking the same flavour of shake (aside from having to dedicate a spare room in your house to multiple tubs of protein powder) is switching up how you take it. Here are a few ways to do that, as well as some other suggestions that may help you.

1. Mix it. Combine the protein powder with greek yogurt. This may be too sweet for some, but this can transform your greek yogurt into a chocolate (or any other flavour) delight!

2. Blend it. Throw some powder, water and ice into a blender and make your shake a frappuchino concoction! If you have Caramel Latte flavoured protein, this almost totally replicates an Iced Capp.

3. Heat it up. Craving a hot chocolate during this cold weather? Throw your shake in microwave. Well, don’ t throw it. Place it gently.

4. Trade it. Trade flavours with other avid protein drinkers. Sure, trading ziploc bags full of powder in the middle of the gym may look a little suspicious, but this will save you the trouble of having to buy huge tubs of a flavour that you may want to only drink for a couple weeks.

5. Pancakes. Egg whites are another protein staple. Mix your protein powder with egg whites until pancake batter consistency is reached and use a non-stick pan to fry it up! Top with greek yogurt and/or fruit.


Cookies and Cream protein pancakes topped with mango greek yogurt