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Smack Dog Food Fundraiser

Food for thought

Why is a gym selling dog food? Great question… and the simplest answer is; because we believe in the product. I’ve been feeding Nala this dog food for a couple of months and she loves it. We originally switched her over to Smack because it follows the same guidelines we put out for our clients and meal plans… no processed food! Having read the ingredients of other dog food, it was shocking at how many ingredients I didn’t understand. The best part of Smack… it’s all natural, whole foods.

Now the slightly more complicated answer; Smack is a good friend of Aspire. And they have offered us this unique fundraiser to help pay for our upcoming trip to Miami to represent Aspire Fitness in Tough Mudder 2013.

If you’re interested in this awesome product talk to me and we can get you set up… I promise your dog or cat will love it!

Thanks in advance,