Hard Work Generates Results

Suzanne… what can you say about Suzanne? She fought the program every step of the way. Until all of clothes starting fitting better and eventually started hanging off her. It took a while for Suzanne to get into the rythme of the workouts, having thrown up in her mouth her first workout, she had a lot of room for improvement. It was an uphill battle to keep her motivated but going from a 200+ lb girl to the size 6 at the shoot, convinced her the hard work was worth it.This blonde babe was a natural infront of the camera, looks like the hours infront of the mirror at home paid off. She took to the shoot like a fish to water. Nailing every pose Kelly had set out for her. It was surreal to watch her in her element, the clumsy girl in the gym was a graceful swan in a studio. Did not expect that.

Suzanne’s comfort infront of the camera also produced a funny video series about her experiences at Aspire, her truthful opinions of the facility and staff are very funny. Check them out here.

Suze, as she affectionately became known, was a high part in everybody’s day, her bubbly personality with the occasional lame joke helped those around her get through their workouts. She was also pivotal in keeping the other girls focused on their diets. Offering daily encouragement via Facebook, she helped everybody stay on track. She is a phenomenal success story having bought a size 12 dress for her wedding before the program started and going to a size 6 in only 12-weeks. We joke with her but in all honesty she was a great person to have in the gym and everybody that worked with her fell in love with her charm and wit.

Congrats on the marriage and a big high-five for all the hard work you did, even though I know you cheated on the triple hundreds.


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