Hard Work Generates Results

Kristin was one of the most intimidating clients we’ve had, being french she has a short fuse and could blow at any moment. This was often camoflauged by her room brightening smile, but don’t let the curly hair and pearly whites fool you, she is a scary one. All jokes aside, Kristin’s work ethic was contagious, she made everybody around her feel like they had to work harder. Being a mother of two, working full time and returning to school Kristin’s time was a precious asset, what we did to help Kristin fit Pushups to Pinups in her schedule was set her up with workouts she could do on her own. Being such a motivated individual we had no problem with this.One of my clearest memories of Kristin is the day she came in ecstatic that she had a six pack, I believe she had spent the better part of the day checking out her reflection in the door of her microwave. That moment when somebody realizes they’ve done something they never thought possible is why we enjoy this program so much, it is job satisfaction to the max.I will hang Kristin’s picture on the wall of fame with a sense of pride and joy, she was one of the most memorable clients we’ve had and was a pleasure to work with. Not only did she look stellar during the shoot, but she also was one of the most radient brides around.Congrats on marrying the love of your life and thanks for keeping us on our toes…


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