Hard Work Generates Results


Working with Amanda was a great deal of fun, her dry sense of humor was a pleasure to work with about 40% of the time. Her busy schedule did pose some problems, but with a few easy tweaks to her program she was able to push through and produce these beautiful photos. Her career as a operations coordinator in the building industry had very demanding hours and was a challenge to accommodate, but Aspire was able to make it work.

I can clearly remember Amanda’s face the day of the shoot, having never done anything like this before, she was grey in the face. Not looking forward to being the centre of attention and nervous about how she would look on film. With some kind words from Kelly and the rest of us there, she got up under the lights and killed it. Her larger than life smile started to show and just like that she was a pinup.

Amanda is a great example of what Pushups to Pinups is all about, taking a women who has beautiful features and making them show through on camera. She was truly a pleasure to work with and a great addition to Aspire’s wall of fame.

Thank you for putting in all the hard work,


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Amanda | Kelly Morton Photography