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Hi Folks,

After a recent conversation with Deal Find it became evident  that there is some confusion as to whether GST tax should be charged on the voucher purchase amount or alternatively; on the value of the voucher (i.e the actual cost should you have signed up Yoga Infused Fitness without the Deal Find voucher). I was initially under the impression that it was on the full amount, after numerous emails back and forth with Deal Find they have now corrected the error.

I found this discrepancy a little bit unsettling and wish to extend to you the value of your taxes, in the form of a credit for Aspire Fitness’ Yoga Infused Fitness drop-ins. These extra classes will have the same expiry date as the original voucher; December 17th. There is still the taxes on the voucher so you will be billed (against your credit) $1.00 for the GST on the vouchered amount.

I apologize for this confusion, in no way was I trying to get more money out of customers, in fact none of the money collected ever went to Aspire. I am going out of pocket to make this right, we value our reputation and am embarrassed that a misunderstanding such as this may put that at risk.

Please contact me to use your credit. 204 832 0328