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Why you should wash your hands after working out

Food for thought

I know it seems like something your mom should be telling you, but I’m going to tell you. Wash your hands after the gym, we do take every precaution possible to keep the gym clean for you. But somethings are out of our control. As someone who tries to make an effort to clean their hands a couple of times a day on top of the normal hand washing times, I was shocked yesterday when somebody pointed out my keyboard to me. You see all day I’m going from the gym floor to my computer and working, so I touch dumbbells, equipment (sometimes has grease) and go to my white keyboard. Boom shows all the dirt as the first picture illustrates. I decided that this morning would be about cleaning my keyboard after I was done my regular duties. So I went to Sobey’s grabbed a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser (be sure to wash your hands after using these) and scrubbed my keyboard… now clean I feel like a new man. The take home point, even though we wipe down mats and equipment several times a day you will still benefit from a quick hand-wash after, we usually try to have some pretty awesome soaps… September was pumpkin.