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Tough Mudder Miami 2013 – Gift Card Fundraiser

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As I’m sure some of you know we’re sending a team to Miami to compete in Tough Mudder (February 16th, 2013). In an effort to make the trip more affordable for those participating we’re fundraising. Not being huge fans of door-to-door, pity sales for fundraisers we looked hard for something that would be worth while for those who want to support us. What we came up with is FundScrip. It’s a company that sells Gift Cards, the best part is that these gift cards are for products you already spend money on, and the even better part is that it doesn’t cost you anything. You buy these gift cards at face value, no hidden fees or anything. Aspire’s Tough Mudder team then gets a portion of that gift card back to subsidize the trip, sort of like commission.

What we’re asking you, as the awesome clients you are, to do is look at your budget see how much money you spend at the retailers below and purchase the gift cards from us. And purchasing is super easy. You can download the Order Form from here and just fill in what you want. Now you don’t have to do a big order we will be putting in frequent orders, and if you give us about a week you’ll have them. It’s that easy! Thanks for your help!