Hard Work Generates Results

Well we did it! Over 20 Dirty Donkeys from Aspire took on the challenge this Saturday and completed the Dirty Donkey! The 5km course was challenging for anybody, it didn’t matter if you were a runner a weight lifting, you were challenged. And what a challenge. For many on the team it was their first adventure race, judging by the smiles at the end it won’t be the last. There’s something about getting covered in mud that makes anything fun.

As a unit we raised over $2400 for the MS Society, which puts us as the number one fundraiser for the event… thank you to everybody who helped out and donated it was much appreciated!

If you were there and have pictures of the event please email them to me, as I get them I will put them up on this page. Also looking for a team photo, I’m not sure if we got any after the race.

Aspire Fitness’ photos from the event

Donkey in the Media

Our Pics on Facebook (Kelly’s professional pics coming, but these are the ones I took)

Russian Winnipeg (Awesome pics of the expressions on people’s faces….. can’t understand a word they’re saying in Russian, but I’m sure it’s ALL GOOD!!)

ChrisD (Great Video)

Global Winnipeg

Metro News

They were there for hours and the anchor actually got in the mud pit and let them throw muddy water at him.. pic in the FB grouponig. I haven’t seen the clips from the news, but I know it was on.


Winnipeg Sun
( GREAT pics.. shows how much DIRTIER people were getting after we started throwing pails of muddy water on them 😉

Winnipeg Free Press

Racer posting on youtube (AWESOME)

Selkirk Journal

Beausejour Review

Ron’s Pics Filipino Journal Team

What’s NEXT? Miami… Feb 16th, 2013! Stay Tuned!