Hard Work Generates Results

There is no other way to describe this than Burpies Hell. Nine different variations of Burpies with eight energy zapping exercises in between. Lets see who can do it!

One Time through;

  1. Burpies – 10; From a high plank position (weight on your hands and toes with a straight line between, your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders), forcefully bring your feet underneath your chest and jump as high as you can vertically. Once you’ve landed jump your feet back to the starting position and repeat.
  2. Mat Hops – 25/s; with your hands on a mat and both feet on the other side of the mat forcefully push yourself over the mat so your feet are now on the other side. Be sure to keep your feet together and to keep your hands planted in the push-up position.
  3. One Leg Burpies – 5/side; From a one legged high plank position (weight on your hands and toes with a straight line between, your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders), forcefully bring your foot underneath your chest and jump as high as you can vertically only using one leg. Once you’ve landed jump your foot back to the starting position and repeat. Do all one side and then switch to the other.
  4. Mountain Climbers – 25/s; in a high plank position, bring one foot forward so you have staggered feet, you should feel like a sprinters stance. While jumping slightly switch your leg position with the other so now you should be in a sprinter position but with the other foot forward.
  5. Pushup Burpies – 10; the same as a regular burpie but we’re going to do a push-up between each one.
  6. Jumping Jacks – 100; a gym class favorite!
  7. Clap Pushup Burpies – 10; Remember those push-up burpies we just did? Ya thought you might, now do the same thing but we’re going to do a clapping push-up between each burpie.
  8. Skipping- 200; time to show off your sweet jump rope skills… grab a rope and get 200 jumps in as quick as you can.
  9. Box Hop Burpies – 10; these have a slight risk but they’re awesome so we can risk a bruised shin. Get into your burpie position be sure there’s a box infront of you (no less than 12″) go through the motions of a burpie but instead of jumping straight up you’re going to jump on the box. Pretty awesome eh?
  10. Floor striders – 50/s; start in a lunge position (one leg forward of the other so you have 90 degrees at your knees and hips) forcefully jump up and switch your leg position, when you land you should be in the same position as the start but your legs having switched position.
  11. Bench Hop Burpies – 10/s; You may remember mat hops, and you may recall the burpies from earlier. Let’s combine them but also add a bench in there. Get a bench (like you’d use for Bench Press) have your hands on the front and feet on one side, forcefully jump to the other side and get into your burpie position and perform a burpie. Place your hands on the bench again and jump to the other side. We’re looking for 10 reps per side.
  12. Box Hops – 50; Here’s a straight forward one. Find a box (no less than 12″) and with both feet jump onto it. Be sure that when you’re at the top you are standing up completely.
  13. Mat Hop Burpies – 10; Some of you may be sweating right about now, so wipe off the sweat and lets push through the last couple of exercises. Have your hands on your mat, feet on either side of the mat (we’re doing a mat hop here) jump over the mat, now from here jump your feet under your body and do a burpie. I  like to think of this movement as a triangle with my feet with the top part of it being the start of my burpie.
  14. Sprint – 30 seconds; sprint and sprint hard. This is not a casual 30 second run, this is balls to wall, everything you got sprint. We’re trying to mimic  the energy demands of a hill… just in case!
  15. Sprawl Burpies – 10; start from your burpie position, perform one burpie, but instead of doing another one right away you’re going to barrel roll your body over so you’re back on your stomach but just over from where you started. Now do another burpie, keep on going till you get 10. If you’re having trouble figuring out what this is for… think up and unders!
  16. Sprint – 30 seconds; two more exercises… now is not the time to slow down… run like you stole something!
  17. Churpies – 10; one of the meanest burpies… do a burpie under a chinup bar, but as you’re jumping grab the bar and do a chinup!

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