Hard Work Generates Results

1x through

  1. Run 800m
  2. Pushups – 50; Start with your hands just outside shoulder width, place your toes (or knees) behind you. Try to balance the weight evenly between your hands and toes (or knees). Be sure to keep a straight line between your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. From this position lower your body towards the ground having your chest touch the ground. Once you’ve reached the ground push through your hands to return yourself back to the starting position.
  3. Run 600m
  4. Prisoner Squats – 50; With your feet inside shoulder width and toes pointed straight ahead, have your hands up on your head. Lower your hips down as if you’re sitting in a chair, to a point where your hips are at 90 degrees. From this position push through your heels until you’re standing again at full extension.
  5. Run 400m
  6. Box Hops – 25; With an 18 inch box infront of you jump onto the box with two feet landing shoulder width apart. Be sure to have full extension of the knees and hips at the top of the box, then step down and repeat.
  7. Run 200m
  8. Scissors – 50/side; While laying on your back, with straight legs just slightly above the ground. Move your legs in an up down motion trying to over exagerate the movement. Repeat this scissor movement under control, you should be able to do this slowly.
  9. Run 1000m
  10. Mat Hop Burpies – 10; With your hands on an exercise mat, and both feet on one side of the mat, forcefully jump over to the other side of the mat, once you’ve landed jump so your feet are under your chest (hands still on mat) once your feet are set, jump as high as you can. Land on your feet and “jump” back into the starting position.