Hard Work Generates Results

Playing around with protocol this week… first set is 10 reps, 2nd set is 9 reps, 3rd set is 8 reps… and so on, till there are no more reps to go!

10-1x dropsets

  1. Pushups; Start with your hands just outside shoulder width, place your toes (or knees) behind you. Try to balance the weight evenly between your hands and toes (or knees). Be sure to keep a straight line between your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. From this position lower your body towards the ground having your chest touch the ground. Once you’ve reached the ground push through your hands to return yourself back to the starting position.
  2. Burpies; From a high plank position (weight on your hands and toes with a straight line between, your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders), forcefully bring your feet underneath your chest and jump as high as you can vertically. Once you’ve landed jump your feet back to the starting position and repeat.
  3. Tire Flips or Deadlift; Always start with the bar on the floor. Pulling from the safety pins is a Rack Pull. Deadlifting top down is a Romanian Deadlift. With conventional Deadlifts the bar must always start on the floor. Here’s how to Deadlift in 5 easy steps:
    • Stand with the bar above the center of your feet – your stance should be a bit more narrow than shoulder-width to give your arms room.
    • Grab the bar overhand so your arms are vertical to the floor – if your hamstrings are tight, do Squat 2 stands to boost your hip flexibility.
    • Bend through your knees until your shins hit the bar which must remain above the middle of your feet. Shoulder-blades directly over the bar.
    • Lift your chest but don’t squeeze your shoulder-blades like on Squats. Just put your shoulders back & down, head inline with rest of your spine.
    • Pull – keep the bar close to your body, roll it over your knees and thighs until your hips and knees are locked. Do not lean back at the top.
    • And that’s all there is to it. Lower the bar by pushing your hips back first, and then bend your knees once the bar reaches knee level
  4. Pullups; Hanging from a pullup bar with your palms forward and hands outside shoulder width. Pull yourself up so that your chin is higher than the bar. Avoid excess use of the legs and lower yourself back down to the start position slowly and under control.
  5. Box Hops; With an 18 inch box infront of you jump onto the box with two feet landing shoulder width apart. Be sure to have full extension of the knees and hips at the top of the box, then step down and repeat.
  6. Front Squats; With a barbell, or dumbbells, on the front part of your shoulders, and feet shoulder width apart and toes straight ahead. Lowe your hips to the ground keeping your core strong, back stays flat. Imagine you’re sitting in a chair. Once you’ve sat in the “chair” stand back up, focusing on pushing through your heels.
  7. Hang Clean; Stand with barbell with over hand grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Feet point forward hip’s width apart or slightly wider. Bend knees and hips so barbell touches mid-thigh; shoulders over bar with back arched. Arms are straight with elbows pointed along bar. Chest is spread and wrists are slightly flexed.Jump upward extending body. Shrug shoulders and pull barbell upward with arms allowing elbows to flex out to sides, keeping bar close to body. Aggressively pull body under bar, rotating elbows around bar. Catch bar on shoulders while moving into squat position. Hitting bottom of squat, stand up immediately. Bend knees slightly and lower barbell to mid-thigh position.
  8. Bench Hops; With a standard bench layed flat, have your hands on the widest part of the bench and both feet to one side. Explosively jump up and over the bench landing with both feet on the other side. Repeat this as quickly as possible.
  9. Bulgarian Split Squat; With an 18” box have one foot on the box (laces down) and the other foot forward. Be sure that the forward leg is far enough ahead that your knee doesn’t go over your toes. From this lunge position, lower your hips down towards the ground. Try to keep the weight distributed between both feet. Lower yourself down to a point where your front knee is at 90 degrees. If at 90 degrees your knee is infront of your toes shift your weight back towards your back leg and slide the front leg forward.
  10. Up/Down Planks; With your forearms on the ground and toes behind you, keep a straight line between your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. From this position push yourself up onto your hands, one at a time. The top part of the movement should look like the beginning of the push-up. And then lower your body back to the starting position.