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Aspire Fitness

Mid-morning BootCamp 2012


The countdown is on for our friends who take on the task of teaching our youth… If you ask any teacher this time of year how many days left of school. It’s with these brave folk in mind that we present our Mid-Morning Bootcamp. It starts at 10:30am, which allows plenty of time to sleep-in, and goes for an hour 3x/week. The workouts will be challenging, or as I like to say “Tough but fair”. Each hour long workout will utilize various training techniques as to train every body system by the end of the week. The 4 week program will progress at a strenuous rate, allowing your body enough time to recover but not enough time to get comfortable.

These workouts are suitable for all ages and abilities, we can modify any of the exercises to suit your current level. But be warned we will always try to push you past your comfort zone! It’s only $175 for the 4 weeks, but if you bring a friend along with you, it’s only $150/each!!!

Workouts Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 10:30am

Please Note that due to Canada Day July 2nd will be moved to July 6th. If you can’t make a workout or miss a workout, there will be no refund issued. If our schedule permits we will try to reschedule your workout.