Hard Work Generates Results

3x Through as quick as you can and remember to post your time up on Twitter and Facebook;

  1. Run 90 seconds; treadmill or whatever just get out and giv’r for 90 seconds
  2. Box Hops – 10; find a box about 18 inches tall and jump onto it with two feet, remember to have full extension at the top (this means stand up on top of the box). If this is too challenging try doing a step up instead
  3. Run 75 seconds; A 75 second giv’r session
  4. Clap Pushups – 10; From the toes or knees, you’re going to do a push-up and clap your hands while airborne. Remember to get them back down quickly… gravity always wins this battle.
  5. Run 60 seconds; less time but more gusto on this 60 second run
  6. Pullups – 6; find a chin up bar and we’re looking for 6 pullups, remember a pullup has your hands wider and palms facing away. If you’re not just ready yet for pullups try a lat pulldown instead.
  7. Run 45 seconds; Pick up the speed for 45 seconds of running
  8. Up/Down planks – 15; from a plank position (forearms and toes) keep your core tight and come up onto both hands, by picking them up and placing them on the mat, and back down to start, think of it like a nasty little plank push-up!
  9. Run 30 seconds; Feel the wind blowing through your hair for 30 seconds!
  10. Burpies (with clap push-up) – 10; Remember that clap push-up 6 exercises ago? Well we’re going to do that again but add a burpie at the end. So after your push-up, forcefully pull your legs up towards your chest, plant your feet and jump as high as you can. Rinse and repeat!
  11. Sprint 15/15/15; this should put you on the ground, sprint hard (and I mean hard) for 15 seconds, jog for 15 seconds and sprint again for 15 seconds. If you do this correctly you should be out of breath and needing somebody to hold your hair back. If you haven’t done hard sprints before, PLEASE don’t over do it. This is a risky exercise and should be done only when you have worked your way up to it.