Hard Work Generates Results

2x Through

  1. ABC’s; Laying in a prone position with heels slightly over the ground. With large over exaggerated movements spell the alphabet, imagining your toes are the tip of a pencil.
  2. Box Hop with Squat; With an 18 inch box infront of you jump onto the box with two feet landing shoulder width apart. Have full extension in the knees and hips and from this position lower your body down into a squat (knees and hips at 90 degrees) and again stand up to full extension then step down the box and repeat.
  3. Barbell Cleans; This exercise shouldn’t be attempted without instruction. With a barbell starting from the ground approach the bar so your feet are shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the bar so that your elbow touch the outside of your knees. From this position raise your hips up, keep a flat back, and knees slightly bent while looking forward. This is the start position. From the start position push your hips forward causing you to stand up, while you’re standing up pull the bar up to nipple height, by driving your elbows up in the air. Once at nipple height begin your squat, while pushing your elbows forward causing the bar to “flip up” and catching it just over your chest. Stand up to full extension. This is the end of the movement. “Flip” the bar back over and lower it to the starting position. This exercise is challenging and should be eased into.
  4. Bosu Pushpress; With the flat side of a bosu ball up, step on to the ball with two dumbbells in hand. Be sure your feet are shoulder width apart and you have a stable base. From this position raise the dumbbells up to your shoulders with your palms facing forward. Now lower your hips as if you are sitting down on a chair. When at 90 degrees (both hips and knees) forcefully stand up and push the dumbbells over your head. At full extension lower dumbbells back to your shoulders and repeat.
  5. Skipping; grab a skipping rope and have at ‘er try to be as quick as possible.
  6. Swiss Pushup (Hands on Ball); With your feet (or knees) on the ground and hands on the outside of a swiss ball, squeeze the ball while lowering your chest to the ball. Be sure to keep your core tight throughout the whole movement. Once your chest touches the ball push yourself back up to the starting position.
  7. Wall Sit; With your back against a wall and your feet shoulder width apart, lower your hips towards the ground until you’ve achieve 90 degrees of flexion in the hips and knees. Hold this position being mindful not to slide up or down the wall.
  8. Box Striders; With a short box (about 6”) place one foot on the box with the other on the ground. Jump up and switch the position of your feet. Be sure not to just toe tap but to have your foot touch the top of the box.
  9. Bulgarian Split Squat; With an 18” box have one foot on the box (laces down) and the other foot forward. Be sure that the forward leg is far enough ahead that your knee doesn’t go over your toes. From this lunge position, lower your hips down towards the ground. Try to keep the weight distributed between both feet. Lower yourself down to a point where your front knee is at 90 degrees. If at 90 degrees your knee is infront of your toes shift your weight back towards your back leg and slide the front leg forward.
  10. Overhead Jump Squat; While holding a medicine ball above your head and your feet shoulder width apart. Lower yourself to the ground like you’re sitting in a chair, as soon as you reach 90 degrees flexion in your hips explode up and jump as high as you can.
  11. Run; as fast as you can run 800m