Hard Work Generates Results

OK this weeks challenge is slightly different, we have three groupings of exercises! You can’t move on to the next one without finishing the first one. So tie the shoes tight and gett’r done!

3 sets

  1. Side Shuffle – 60secs/side; on a treadmill at 15% incline and 2.4mph you will be doing a side shuffle, if you have never done this before practice first. Be sure to not to cross your feet.
  2. Clap Pushups – 10; from your feet or knees explosively push-up so you can clap your hands while airborne.
  3. One Arm Clean and Press – 5/side; this is one of those exercises you can’t really teach with just words, it’s essentially three movements; a deadlift, an upright row and a pushpress. I strongly suggest you come to Monday’s Dirty Drop-in to learn this exercise. This is one of those ones that takes a lot of practice and feedback.
  4. Bench Hops – 25/side; with your hands on an 18″ bench (most bench press benches are 18″) now with your feet together on one side of the bench jump up and over the bench. Do this quickly and forcefully.

2 sets

  1. Swiss Pike – 10; With your chins on a swiss ball and your hands on the ground (like a push-up), keep your legs straight and bring your bum up until your hips are at 90 degrees.
  2. Up/Down Plank – 10; From a standard plank position (forearms and toes) push-up so you can place one hand at a time on the mat, repeat this motion until you’ve hit 10.

10 sets

  1. Pushups – 5; just five standard push-ups, hands just outside shoulder width and remember chest has to touch ground to count.
  2. Pullups – 1; Arms wide and palms forward, bust out a sweet pullup after every 5 push-ups.