Hard Work Generates Results


Pile into a couple of cars, drive down to Minneapolis and conquer the 3.02 mile course. There is a list of hotels on the Warrior Dash website that have special rates for Warriors, once we have our numbers figured out we will book the hotel. What we have done in the past is split the cost of fuel and accommodations (won’t be a concern with hotels), fuel for this trip should be about $60 per person assuming 4 people in a car.

What you need to do now is register for the event, you’re looking for the Sunday @ 3pm heat, depending on what people would like to do, we can head home right after or stick around for the evening. We will figure that out when we know our numbers. PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE JUNE 2ND! And send me an email to let me know you’re onboard… jaypenner@aspirefitness.ca