Hard Work Generates Results

Jason Penner, BESS; NSCA-CSCS
Aspire Fitness
Head Trainer/Owner
May 28, 2012

Adventure races are a new phenomena in the fitness world, the variety in movements throughout the race appeals to many people of different disciplines. Gone are the days of training for one specific movement or task, enter the world of training for the unknown.

Adventure races can be broken down into four main disciplines, anaerobic recovery, muscle strength (peak output), muscle endurance (sustained output) and proprioception. You can excel at one or all of them but to be truly successful in an adventure race you need to have a balance of all four. I will warn you that I like to talk, so if you’re not really into hearing what I have to say you can just skip forward to the training program part of this paper. If you’re interested in knowing the method to the madness it might be worthwhile reading the whole thing.

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