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Adventure Racing

Yes I know the acronym for our team is wonderful, no need to tell me! But since you want to be AFART as well, I don’t think you can really judge us. So here’s the scoop on the team, being on the team gets you a kick ass shirt and a discount on our drop-in workouts. Pssst, if you’re planning on coming to more than 10 drop-ins the discount easily offsets the cost of being on the team! The perks of being on the team far exceed just the t-shirt. You will be part of a group of people who just aren’t right in the head, where crawling around in goose poop on a Sunday afternoon is normal, where asking “how can we get dirtier” is a perfectly acceptable question to ask, where a dirty joke can be just literally a joke involving mud. The weirder you are the better. We have a couple of events coming up but the big one… the daddy of them all… the bowzer in the final castle of all adventure races is happening August 18th. Now don’t worry if you don’t want to be part of the Aspire Team in the Dirty Donkey, we will only openly mock you but we can still be friends. Being part of the AFART is about training together and having a good time and it only costs $50 and you get a killer shirt*.

If this sales pitch has worked and you want to be a Bad Ass Dirty Donkey, email Jason and let him know. Or signup through PayPal!

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