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Answers to Weekly Challenge April 23.2012

Adventure Racing

There have been a few questions come up about this weeks weekly challenge… so in hopes of answering all the questions I will do a weekly answer every Thursday, so please get your questions in before Thursday morning. So here goes….

What is a V-sit, Deep Pushpress and Bench Hop Burpie?

These are three very challenging exercises, and very hard to answer without showing you, but I will do my best; see below for videos!!!

  • A V-sit, is an explosive movement for the core, you’re laying down with your arms stretched right out and your legs straight out as well. From this position you’re going to explosively move so that you can touch your toes with your finger tips. This can be a very difficult movement so please start off slow, if you bend your knees and try to touch those first you might find it a bit easier.
  • A deep push press; is a great exercise for explosive power (fast twitch muscles) with two dumbbells on your shoulders you’re going to squat down (by lowering your bum like you’re sitting in a chair) to a point where your elbows touch your knees. From this position you’re going to explode up by pushing through your heels to a standing position while putting the weight over your head! Remember if you’re putting weight over your head to error on the side of caution, use light weights to start.
  • Bench Hop Burpies; there is no other way to describe these than “argh” they suck, but when training for the Dirty Donkey the harder you train the more fun the race. Start with a bench about 18-24″ tall, you’re going to have your hands on the sides of the bench, now jump over the side of the bench. Go into a push-up and then into a burpie, and then jump over to the other side. Continue doing this until you get your 5 per side.

I am hoping to film these three exercises tonight so once that’s done I will post the videos so you can actually see what I’m talking about.

I don’t have anything to use for a reverse push-up

Be creative, get out in the environment and see what’s available take a look at these Donkey’s using a railing.


If you haven’t already done so remember to sign up soon for Dirty Donkey and join Aspire Fitness Adventure Race Team (AFART)


Deep Push Press

Bench Hop Burpies