Hard Work Generates Results

Calling all Adventure Racers!!! We’re at it again, team Aspire Fitness is fielding a team for this apocalyptic event, but this time we’re in it to save humanity! As a member of Team Aspire Fitness we will take care of organizing sleeping accommodations and travel, and of course with a larger team the cost comes down. Registration ends Friday April 13th (can you feel the spooky already?) for Team Aspire so that we have enough time to register the team and get a place for us to sleep and arrange travel.


  • Your ticket purchase will cover the costs to register you for the event, registering together ensures we all get the same start time
  • We will find a place to stay and bill team members accordingly
  • We will arrange car-pools  and bill team members accordingly

Run For Your Lives is an apocalyptic 5K obstacle race. But you’re not just running against the clock — you’re running from brain-hungry, virus-spreading, bloody zombies.


  • Before the race, you will be given a flag belt, just like the overly intimidating game of flag football. These flags represent your health.
  • The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains.
  • If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.
  • Health bonuses will be hidden throughout the course. If you find one and carry it to the finish, it will save your life.


  • Throughout the 5K obstacle race, there will be 12 man-made and natural obstacles for you to complete. Runners may choose NOT to complete an obstacle, BUT any runner who skips an obstacle will not be eligible for prizes.
  • There will be zombies. Their job is to chase you and eat you — but mainly go after your health, in the form of your flag belt. Avoid the zombies to keep your health flags.
  • Use speed, strategy and your intact brains to make it to the FINISH LINE with at least ONE FLAG INTACT. If you finish with zero health flags, your time will be recorded, but you will not be eligible for awards.