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Feed a Family, Christmas Cheer Board

Food for thought

This time of year it’s easy to get wrapped up in our little frustrations and it’s very easy to forget that other’s have greater problems, like is there going to be food on the table this year? Last year we helped a lovely single mother with two young children, we were able to collect 136 pounds of food and gifts for the family. This year we have a single mother, Leanne, and her three children; Abigail (9 years old), Emma (7 years old) and Hunter (4 months). I just got off the phone with Leanne and she was telling me that Abigail is a sports fiend, she’s been asking for a hockey stick from Santa, Emma LOVES Barbies and Hunter, from what I gathered, loves to cry! Leanne was very humble when I asked if she would like anything from Santa and just said she would liker her family to have a great christmas. Here’s where we step in folks. You will also see a tree at Aspire Fitness, on the 21st of December we will be taking the tree and all the food and gifts to them. If you have any decorations you want to donate to the tree it would be greatly appreciated. Please find below a suggested list of food for the hamper.