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Wall Ball Squat with Front Raise


Sometimes I like to make things up… this is one of those things. How can I make a simple exercise harder? Simple add another exercise to it. This one is a variation of the wall ball squat to work your quads and glutes then we add the front raise in to activate the core and deltoids.

Start with the swiss ball behind your back, just above your bum, against the wall. And have a plate or dumbbells on your “lap”. Place your feet in front of you so that you’re leaning in to the ball and have your feet about shoulder width apart. From this starting position lower your body down towards the ground making sure your hips don’t move front or back, while doing this bring your plate or dumbbells up to shoulder height with straight arms. This exercise is cool because like in the pushpress your centre of gravity is higher at the mid-point of the exercise, because of this we need to be under control. This isn’t an exercise to speed through keep everything nice and controlled. When you’re at the bottom of the exercise, knees at 90 degrees, push yourself back up through your heels while lowering your weight back down to your lap.