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HITT Class starts November 28th



Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs
High-intensity tempo training is exactly what it sounds like; an upbeat high intensity circuit-style work out to get your butt in shape in only 4 weeks. What makes this work out so effective? Glad you asked, because you’re never doing one exercise for more than 90 seconds you keep your body guessing the entire time, burning a ton of calories and keeping you 100% focused. After all you can do just about anything for a minute and a half, right?

The other thing that allows these workouts to be so effective is the unique combination of cardio, weights and bodyweight exercises. I can guarantee you will learn at least two new exercises a circuit that you’ve never heard of, some of which you’ll absolutely love, all of which will bring you closer to your personal goal. If this hasn’t convinced you that spending hours on the treadmill is NOT the quickest way to lose those love-handles then how about this, last circuit our bootcampers lost an AVERAGE of of 4.12% bodyfat and 5cm off their waists. That’s only three hours of exercise a week and following a normal diet. Read about the HITT Circuits in the media, they’re really starting to catch on;

As always you will be able to mix and match your sessions, so if you can’t always make the morning session you can make it up in the evening.