Hard Work Generates Results

Here’s a superhero twist to a very standard exercise. The spiderman push-up is a great way to get a little more core as well adductors going during your push-up, do a whole set of them or just throw them in for the last couple of reps… you’ll love them.

Start with your standard push-up, lower your body to the ground now back to the starting position, here’s where it gets fun. Take your right leg and drive your knee out and around to your right elbow. Be sure to try to get your leg parallel to the ground. you don’t want to have the knee come straight under. Return your right leg back to starting position following the same path, do another push-up and repeat for the left side. Want to make it even harder? Do your push-up from the knee to elbow position… now that’s a push-up fit for a web-slinging superhero.