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Bulgarian Split Squat


I always forget about this one but it is truly one of my favorites, it’s great for the glutes and quads as well as balance. Good for athletes or those who are looking at really shaping up the butt.

Start with your trailing leg on a bench (about 18inches), position your other foot in front of your body enough so that when you lower yourself your knee won’t go over the front foot. From this awkward position lower your hips straight down (some will want to go forward, avoid this), don’t let your knee touch the ground. You should feel a stretch in the hip flexor of the trailing leg, from here raise yourself back up so that you’re at the starting position. Do your whole set and then switch sides. You can add some variation to it by standing on a bosu ball, holding dumbbells or having a barbell on your back. Another favorite is to have your trailing foot in a TRX.