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Grass beats grain in regards to beef

Food for thought

Here’s some food for thought, pardon the pun. Think about some of the buzz words you hear in terms of healthy food. In my post earlier today there’s a recipe for a healthy hamburger that calls for grass fed beef. I would like to explain why grass fed is better than grain fed.

We’re going to start with what a cow would eat normally, the term grazing is typically associated with cows, and they are eating grass. In a natural setting a cow would have a diet consisting mostly of grass, not typically grains. So in our farmed food society grain fed is an easier option than grass fed. So what’s the big deal you ask?

Grains contain Omega-6 fatty acids, yes these are healthy (well sort of, will explain later), cows typically don’t have a lot of Omega-6’s in their diet. This has created beef high in Omega-6’s, now this is a problem in a typical human diet.

As promised why Omega-6’s might not be very good for you, this should be taken with a “grain” (pun?) of salt. They are fine for you when taken with Omega-3’s… they can cause high cholesterol if the ratio favours Omega-6’s. Where do you normally get Omega-3’s? Fish is a great source, but free-range fish. And that comes back to the grains, farmed fish are usually fed grains, Omega-6’s are never found in the water. So now you’re getting fish with Omega-6’s, something that has never before been seen in nature.

So where do you get grass fed beef, look into your local farmers. There are many farmers markets in the Winnipeg area, and worth while going for a peak and asking some questions of how the live stock is being fed.