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Some of you may recognize the star of the upcoming horror movie Wrong Turn 4. That’s right it’s Aspire’s very own Jenny Pudavick. Read what the Free Press has to say about the 4th part of the horror film series.

Pulled from: Winnipeg Free Press Website

Right turn for local actors who end up in Wrong Turn 4

By: Staff Writer
Posted: 02/22/2011 11:11 AM

Evidently, the eat local movement applies to cannibal movies.

The mutant cannibal horror franchise Wrong Turn 4, currently shooting in Birds Hill Park, has mostly cast local Winnipeg actors in its starring roles, according to a publicist for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Indeed, they’re keeping the roles of two of the film’s mutant killers in the family. The role of “Three Finger” is being played by Sean Skene and “One Eye” is being played by his actor-brother Daniel Skene. Their father Rick Skene is the film’s stunt co-ordinator.

Rounding out the killer trio is Winnipeg actor Scott Johnson as “Sawtooth.”

Playing a potential victim of the deranged locivores is Winnipeg actress Jennifer Pudavick as Kenia, whose resume has a number of horror offerings including Wishmaster III, Wishmaster IV and The Plague as well as the TV series Cashing In.

Tenika Davis, one of the first contestants of the series Canada’s Next Top Model, also stars in the film, which is being directed by Declan O’Brien, who lensed the last instalment, Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead in Bulgaria.

— Randall King