Hard Work Generates Results

This year Aspire Fitness is going to put smiles on the faces of a family of four. Danielle holds in the reins on her 3 children, Tianna (6 years old – Girl), Skyler (3 years – Boy), Breanne (2 years – Girl). Anything you can donate would be great, below is a list of possible options.

We have a fridge here so if you would like to bring some that needs to be refrigerated we can keep it at the gym. We will be giving the hamper to Danielle and her family on Dec 18th.

Or you can DOWNLOAD the shopping list here


Juice (100% Fruit juice), 1 litre x 3

Cans of Soup (low sodium) x 4

Cans of Vegetables (including Tomatoes) x 4

Jelly Powder x 4pkg

Cans of fruit (pack in own juice) x 3

Macaroni & Cheese x 5pkg

Pasta-whole-grain x 2

Spaghetti Sauce x 1

Rice (brown, converted or parboilded) x 2pkg

Oatmeal (non-sweetened) x 2pkg

Canned Tuna (packed in water) x 3

Peanut Butter x 2

Pancake Mix x 1

Syrup x 1

Stuffing x 1pkg

Jam x 1

Cookies x 2pkg

Cake Mix x 3

Candy x 2

Gravy Mix x 3

Cranberry Sauce x 1can

Sugar x 4kg

Tea x 1pkg

Turkey – 10lbs

Scalloped Potatoes x 2pkg

Other suggested items;

– Milk

– Potatoes

– Oranges

– Apples

– Eggs

– Frozen Vegetables

– Cheese Slices

– Cereal

– Coffee

– Nuts

– Chocolate/candy

Gift for Tianna (suggested $10 value)

Gift for Skyler (suggested $10 value)

Gift for Breanna (suggested $10 value)