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Holly was on the net this morning and stumbled on this great article take a peek;

Happy Weekend Clean Eaters!   Have you ever told someone about your new way of life and got a “That sounds expensive”?

Sure, my grocery and supplements bill has gone up a bit since Eating Clean, but it didn’t have to.  I could buy peanut butter instead of almond butter, regular yogurt instead of greek, regular fish oil instead of the lemon flavored one, and rely on more vegetarian sources of protein.  We don’t need to talk about that today, let’s talk about the expenses that have DECREASED in the past 6 months:

1.  Clothing: I can officially buy cheap clothes and look great in them.  I don’t need to drop $200 on a pair of jeans to make my butt look good. The inexpensive clothes don’t last forever, and I don’t need them to, I get bored easily anyway.  I don’t need to make sure I include a fat roll hider like a giant cardigan with every outfit.  Spanx?  No Spanx you at $40 a pop!  And as for shoes, even though I love them, I don’t need a towering pair of heels to make me look thinner.  I am plenty thin in flats for the first time ever.

2.  Makeup:  Before Eating Clean, my skin was a constant source of stress for me.  Acne, large pores, dullness, under eye circles, etc.  I had a arsenal of expensive products that I used to put on to even feel comfortable leaving the house: cleansers, toners, pore minimizers, 2 kinds of concealer, makeup primer, and of course, foundation.  These products generally needed to be replaced every 3 months.  I still use foundation, but just a tiny bit, I’ve been on the same bottle since early summer.  The rest of those products are rarely used.  I still love makeup, but I use it to enhance, rather than hide.

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