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Hand Plank with Opposite Arm & Leg Lifts


Check this out, this advanced movement is a sure fire wire to spice up your workout routine. The Hand Plank with opposite arm and leg lifts (or Alternating Plank) focuses on the core and pushes your coordination to the limit. Be sure you’re in reasonable shape before trying this… don’t just start with this, you should be able to do a plank for 45 seconds before trying this one out. And remember if you like this exercise click the “Like” button below, and for more great exercises check out our Online Trainer Program.

Starting Position

  • Lie face down on floor propped up on hands
  • Lift hips off the floor so body is supported by elbows, forearms and toes
  • Do not let back arch; keep trunk stable (contract abdominals)
  • Do not let hips rotate; keep hips parallel with the floor


  • Raise Left arm and Right Leg keeping limbs straightened
  • Keep trunk stable through movement
  • Lower under control back to starting position and repeat with opposite arm and leg