Hard Work Generates Results

How many of your running buddies carry their wallet when out for a run? Unless they’re running in cargo pants or carrying a bulky back-pack approximately none of them.  Realistically, with 6 billion  people in the world, if you get hurt and are unresponsive,  without your MPI issued ID somewhere on your person, you’re nobody.

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Most of my girlfriends, especially the ones who are just starting to get into exercising, run or cycle at night, alone and with headphones in. Some of them have reflective workout wear or a couple reflectors on their tire spokes but even at that, to a driver who’s not paying attention, they may as well be invisible.

I stumbled upon a site called ROAD ID. What they sell are essentially personalized, engraved products containing your full name, home phone number and the phone numbers of two emergency contacts.  They carry a tag that laces into your shoes, dog tags, an ankle bracelet and the one that gets my personal approval a fairly stylish, color of your choice, easy to find, easy to read wrist bracelet.

They’re 20$ on their website www.roadid.com , and more than worth it in my humble opinion.

Some of your peeps you might think of giving a Road ID:

  • Existing medical conditions
  • train/cycle/walk at night
  • long-distance/open-water swimmers
  • children/ bus patrons

Oh and on a side note, a lot of people’s cell-phones double as an MP3 player and if you’re not going to spring for a custom Road ID at the VERY LEAST put at least three different I.C.E (IN CASE OF EMERGENCY) numbers saved into your phone. If you get side-swiped and you’re without a driver’s license, the first thing ambulance attendants do is check your phone for those numbers.