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Strut don’t jiggle this summer part 3 of 3

Food for thought

Two weeks into your beach body… keep up the good work. Now let’s just putting the finishing touches on your beach body plan. So let’s recap in part 1 we have switched out our late night munching with reading, we’ve added a little exercise at the end of your work day and we’ve started up a boot camp. In part 2 we built on our daily exercise, we’ve scaled down our vices to just one and we’ve attended a Saturday core circuit. So what is in store for part 3… well this is the best part.

The steps well sort of… this part isn’t really full of steps more like workouts. And please remember before starting any exercise program you should consult a professional to ensure you can safely participate.

  1. Monday (Chest/Back); 3-5 sets x 10-15reps of the following exercises: push-ups, lat pulldowns, bench press, one arm bent-over row, incline dumbbell bench press and upright rows
  2. Wednesday (Interval/Core); 3-10 sets of 60 secs each: bike as hard as you can, reverse crunch, double sided jackknife (each side), seated twist, skipping, planks, side planks (each side), jumping jacks
  3. Friday (Shoulders/Arms); 2-5 sets x 10-15 reps of the following exercises: shoulder press, standing alternate curl, overhead tricep, lateral raise, hammer curl, rope pressdown, front raise, concentration curl, tricep kickback.

Now I know what you’re saying, what are half of these exercises? Well give me a call and I’ll be glad to explain them to you.

See you at the beach,