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Strut don’t jiggle this summer part 2 of 3

Food for thought

OK so how’d your week go, hopefully you’re a few chapters into a book, have some nice clean teeth and just had your first boot camp session. Hopefully you had a ton of fun and hopefully the soreness hasn’t set in yet. As promised this week will offer up three more steps to get you ready for the beach.

This weeks steps to a rockin’ beach body;

  1. Do more than more; well you’ve added a lot to your daily routine already, now let’s add a little bit more. Hopefully you’re walking after work and doing a boot camp or at least some other fitness class. Now lets do a little bit more, try a yoga class. Not all exercise has to be strenuous, in fact relaxation exercises like yoga can help you lose fat by lowing your stress levels, having high stress levels has been proven to cause your body to retain fat.
  2. Whittle it down to one; ok we all have vices that’s fine we just need to bring it down to only one. My girlfriend always says everybody is allowed one vice. So that’s one of our goals this week, if you smoke and eat potato chips on weekends, lose one of them. If you watch TV all night and drink beer, whittle it down to one.
  3. Come check out a circuit; every Saturday (well most), we have some very unique circuits, these high intensity circuits are a great way to start off a fantastic weekend. Mention you read about them on this post and the $10 drop-in fee is on us.

See you at the beach.