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Strut don’t jiggle this summer part 1 of 3

Food for thought

As I was driving to work I noticed a strange something on the ground… I believe it was grass. Yes that’s right summer is quick approaching which means only one thing, bathing suit season. Some might say its a horrible thing I say it’s a great time to strut not jiggle.

That’s what this three part post is all about, turning your jiggle into one sexy strut. Each blog post will have three easy steps for you to incorporate into your life helping you turn into one lean mean fighting machine.

The 3 steps;

  1. Put down the fork and grab a book; most people have a horrible tendency of eating late at night and going straight to bed, lets stop that dead in it’s tracks. I great little secret I’ve done for years is when you start getting those late night cravings, brush your teeth, it helps get us into our bedtime routine and can distract from the hunger. Instead of ordering up a pizza grab a book and lay down in bed, the act of reading is a very calming practice and can often lead to better sleeps translating into more productive days.
  2. Do more; stay off the couch when you get home, get up and do something. Go for a walk right when you get home before you have a chance to settle down. By adding just 30 minutes/day of activity you could lose 1 lb or more every 11 days, and since we’re about 100 days away from laying on the beach, thats almost 10lbs.
  3. Get into a boot camp; boot camps have become very popular over the last five years, so get on board the bandwagon. A boot camp can really help you jump start your fitness program this spring. Our first boot camp starts this Tuesday at 6am.

OK there’s your home work for the next week, give it a go and we will watch the weight drop. Check out the second part of blog here.

Can’t wait to see you on the beach.