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Resolution #9 – Shovel an elderly neighbours walk

Snow DayOK so its cold out we all know that, the icicles hanging from our eyelashes are evidence of that. Even with hypothermia a risk now’s a great time to burn a few more calories and make somebody’s day.
Go find yourself some warm clothes, a shovel and go out and shovel somebody else’s walk for them. Bonus points if its an elderly neighbour or friend. Remember way back a week ago with Resolution #2 – “Shovel the walk instead of using the snow blower” well now you get to double up or even triple up your calories burnt. Just be a good neighbour and keep those walks clear for all your friends (if they weren’t friends before they will be after this).
Remember dress warm.

If you’re feeling cold this weekend and want to stay warm come on out to a Core Circuit or Gun Show workout at Aspire Fitness.