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Resolution #6 – Make healthier food choices

pork, paprika, kidney beans, carrots and cucumberSimple changes in your life can add up, for example if you’re used to sitting down to a movie with a big bag of taco chips try choosing a healthier alternative. Pop corn is a great choice, just remember to keep the butter and salt to smaller amounts. Another great snack for movie time is pea pods, these sweet vegetables offer some crunch while tickling your taste buds.
When sitting down for lunch at work take a look at what kind of bread you’re eating (assuming you have a sandwich), choose healthier breads that have whole grains and stay and away from processed bread.
Choose to have vegetables every meal, this will help ensure you get all your vitamins and minerals. Also adds some colour to your meals!
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, try new thing you might find you like healthier choices.