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Resolution #22 – Less caffeine

Or do you want an espresso....OK we just dragged ourselves out of bed and it seems our eyes aren’t even open yet, yes a cup of coffee may wake you up and get you started for the rest of the day, but before you pour that cup try these alternatives to coffee;

Go for a walk; exercise increases your heart rate which will increase blood flow to the brain and there for  help you to wake up.
Read the paper; pick up the paper and give it a read, the neurons in your brain will start firing and your mind will awaken.
Have a shower; the water falling on your body as well as the temperature change will awaken your senses and get you going for the day.

If you need coffee during the day try having more evenly spaced meals; your brain uses carbohydrates as it’s primary source of energy if our body is low on carbohydrates we can start feeling tired. By having smaller meals spread out through out the day we keep our blood sugar at a healthy range.