Hard Work Generates Results

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Resolution #11 – Walk to Work

Walk alone

If you live close enough to work try walking there, even if its just a few days a week that little bit of exercise a day will pay off in the end. If walking to work is unrealistic try parking farther away, and as you get more comfortable with it you can park farther away.
If you’re like myself getting up early to walk to work just doesn’t happen, despite all the good intentions, try walking to other places. Take grocery shopping for instance if you just have to quickly run to the store to grab something, take a walk. Something new I tried this year was walking to do my Christmas shopping. I didn’t want to face the traffic of the malls, so I walked to the mall and got some shopping done. The best part of this was that if took me the same amount of time as it would if I had driven there and wasted time trying to find parking.