Hard Work Generates Results

OUTDOOR Workouts

We are very excited to be back at it! Starting on Monday May 11th, 2020 we will be having outdoor training sessions. These are going to be class style workouts one hour long, with a range of cardiovascular training, core training and bodyweight exercises. M-F | 600a-700aM/W/F/Sat | 930a-1030aM-F | 545p-645p @ Aspire Fitness (3501

Keeping home workouts fresh

The home gym has very quickly become the most popular gym around. There’s rarely any waits for equipment and you get to choose the music. But there is a drawback, not everyone has a full set of dumbbells or a wide range of equipment. That doesn’t mean your workouts have to be stale they can still be challenging with a couple of little tweaks here and there. And in the theme of click-bait here is my list of six ways to keep your workout bumping.

Front Line Love

We are living through what will one day be taught in history class. It is a fight that isn’t being fought by Generals and soldiers but by Doctors, Nurses, Care Givers, Pharmacists, essential workers. As many of us are working from home to help flatten the curve these brave folks are going to work and

Equipment for Rent

We have a limited supply of equipment for rent. If you’re interested in renting equipment please contact jason@aspirefitness.ca Equipment Available All rental terms are 30-days, and will require having a credit card on file. DUMBBELLS/BARBELL/MEDICINE BALLS


The home office can be a bleak place, time to mix it up with our 30-Day WORK(OUT) FROM HOME program. Workouts are 30 minutes long, and require minimal equipment, get it done over your lunch hour and tackle the 2nd part of your day with the energy and confidence that comes with being healthy and fit.