Hard Work Generates Results

Tikka Masala

This hearty meal is great before heading out for a hike or on a long bike ride. Filled with protein, fat, and carbs this provides great fuel for long-haul workouts. Found this one at tasty.co they have great recipes there if you’re ever looking for something new! Ingredients CHICKEN MARINADE 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts ½

Day 20 – 25 Days of Wellness

Doing something that is driven by passion and intrigue is a great way to decompress. Find a new hobby… something that you can get excited about. Bonus points if you find something well outside your wheelhouse. Don’t be afraid to suck at first… the first step to being great is being horrible.

Day 19 – 25 Days of Wellness

Let’s get into some acoustic therapy… for some strange mysterious reason sounds can trigger incredibly vivid memories. Let’s tap into that. Find an album you haven’t listened to in a while, put it in your compact disc player, lean back and enjoy the melody.

Day 18 – 25 Days of Wellness

Here’s a tough one… take a look at your relationships. With partners, friends anything. Take a look at what’s you’re putting into it and what you’re getting out of it. Are you happy with where it’s at? Is it worth working on or re evaluate the relationship. Get what you deserve out of your relationships!