Corporate Programs

Keeping your team healthy and productive


Discounted Pricing

We are proud to offer your team of employees a discount of up to 25% on our CustomFIT program. CustomFIT workouts are designed around an individual’s unique needs and abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before or if you’re a seasoned veteran we can create a workout that is both appropriate and challenging for all people.


Fun Safe Environment

Our private facility is a perfect environment for those who might be nervous of being in a gym. But don’t just take our word for it.

What makes Aspire different from all the other gyms out there? The people!
Working out in a positive, inclusive environment is so incredibly rare in the fitness world where everyone is “super busy” and wearing headphones to zone out! Not at Aspire, everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable and motivating! It didn’t take me long for me to feel right at home at this gym which has a result has kept me motivated to stay on track, helped me shed many unwanted lb’s and I made a bunch of new friends along the way! – Fiona



Individualized for your team by our team

Our team of Kinesiologists will design and instruct a workout for each member of your team and their unique needs. This isn’t a group class setting, this is real results for the individual. Your team is made up of all sorts of people, some have been enjoying exercise for years, some might just be getting into it. We can work with this creating an optimized training program for each member.


Flexible Scheduling

Keeping your team healthy shouldn’t mean you have to rearrange the entire work day. Our corporate programs are open-scheduling, so your employees can schedule their workouts anytime we’re open. It doesn’t matter if they want to come in before work, after work or even pop-in at lunch we can make it work. No need to go back to work all sweaty, we have full individual shower facilities.


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