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Push-Ups to Pinups


The most attractive trait around is confidence. Our Push-Ups to Pinups program isn’t about losing weight or being the smallest version of yourself. It’s about looking in the mirror and seeing something worth smiling at.



At Aspire we have the belief that every woman has the right to feel beautiful; whether it’s her wedding or a high school reunion. As a woman it is your right to feel beautiful in your own skin. Push-ups to Pinups is the perfect opportunity to showcase that feeling and look like a supermodel. You may be hesitant at first and think “I could never look like that” or “I’d be too nervous to do a photo shoot”. But that’s the beauty of professional photos; they allow you to see what you really look like without the critical self-deprecating voice you use when looking in the mirror.

What to Expect

The program starts with a fitness assessment where determine a baseline it’s from here the process begins, you will receive a meal plan, and a cardio schedule. All of this on-top of your four workouts/week at Aspire with our highly trained staff. All of this for 14-weeks leading into the big day. The whole package only costs $150 bi-weekly after your downpayment of $350. There are no hidden fees, the whole package, including the photo shoot with digital copies of branded prints, for only $150 bi-weekly!


Our in-house programs give you the advantage of having our team keep an eye on you throughout the entire program. Push-Ups to Pinups is done with our expert staff 4 times a week. When you miss a workout, we know about it. All of your workouts at Aspire are scheduled, allowing you to put the time aside in your busy day.


Push-ups to Pinups works around your schedule, you’re not at the mercy of a class schedule. You can book your workouts in during any of the hours we’re open. A fitness program should work around your schedule, a few easy tweaks and this incredible program should ease nicely into your schedule.


Push-Ups to Pinups is now going into the fifth year, we have the experience to get you to your goals. We’ve had over 200 successful pinups each with their own unique challenges and goals. We can help you. From something as simple as changing your homework or something a little more involved such as finding a new wardrobe.

Expert Staff

Aspire Fitness is proud to have an expert team of Kinesiologists. We have a University education to serve you better. When you’re here you can feel comfortable that you’re getting the best experience for your hard earned money. Our staff will ensure your workouts are safe, yet still being challenging and fun.

The Process


All it takes is a click of a button and you’ll be signed up. Don’t wait, sign up today and start the process of a new healthier, happier you!


Four workouts each week for you to complete on your own. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked out before, each workout has descriptions and videos to help you along the way. These workouts will push you to new and wonderful places.


Take your workouts with you! There are short workouts to do while at home, these can be done in front of a TV, or on your lunch break. They are quick and require next to no equipment.


Every two weeks we’ll check-in to discuss your progress in the program. The best part is as you get closer and closer to your goal you’ll start to enjoy the boost of confidence every two weeks! These can be either done via email (included) or you can upgrade to do them via video chat, or in-person (subject to availability).


Now the part we’ve all been excited about… the Photo Shoot! It’s a day full of fun and laughter. And don’t worry everyone is worried the first time.