Pictures are pretty – and losing fifty-five pounds from January 1st through April 1st in my first* P2P program is pretty amazing – but the best results are the ones you can’t see. I’m “the Boss Lady” Leanne Cater from QX104 in Winnipeg. I often say Push-ups to Pinups and my fit family at Aspire Fitness helped me save my own life – and I really believe they did. When I first met Jason and started at Aspire in August of 2016, I “tried” to start with Pushups to Pinups (thus the asterisk following “first* P2P” above) but I wasn’t ready.

What I was, was injured (bone on bone arthritic knee that doesn’t straighten or bend properly, an old shoulder injury that left it weak and tricky, and horrible sciatica on my right side…add to all this about 90lbs overweight), terribly out of shape (high blood pressure that required prescription medication to regulate) and very frustrated. I just couldn’t do the things that the other women in my class were doing. In the past, this realization would have been enough to make me quit but Aspire Fitness is different.

A few weeks in, Jason, Jeff and Erica came to me with the suggestion that we switch gears to the Custom Fit program to help rehabilitate my injuries, overcome some of my challenges, and THEN push re-start on P2P when I was more physically able to get the most out of the program and that’s exactly what we did.

By January 1st, my sciatica was gone (POOF!) my shoulder was light years ahead of where it was in August and my knee…well, my knee is beyond repair but…the supporting muscles were stronger and my range of motion had improved exponentially! So, January 1st I re-started P2P.

Over the next fourteen weeks I paid extra close attention to the nutritional strategies and was stunned at how far I’d come with the workouts…I could do SO MUCH MORE and it felt so good to actually SEE the results as they were happening! I gained shape and definition and lost 55lbs! Was it hard? Yes. But I also thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and began to flourish in all areas of my life as my health improved. Yes, it was hard – but so worth it. No more high blood pressure – I’m stronger and am able to do more and more every day (I’m up to a 2:30 plank from only being able to hold it for :20) – and I feel incredible. Now I can’t wait for the 2017/2018 Aspire P2P/G2G trip to Huatulco! Bring on the next challenge…I’m hooked! Thank you Jason and the entire Aspire FitFam (including my fellow members…it really is a special group of people) for helping me to save and change my whole life! I am forever in your debt.

Shoot Details

Shot April 1, 2017

Hair and Makeup provided by Puressence Spa Salon
Hair – Jena
Make-up – Sayuri

Photographer | Kelly Morton