Aspire Fitness

Huatulco 2018
February 18-25th 2018
Come Join Us For Some Fun In The Sun!

This being our fourth year of traveling with our incredible Aspire Family we decided to go someplace hot, like very hot. We’re off to Huatulco, Mexico with an average temperature of 29c in February, it will be mighty warm. As we have done in the past there is an option to do Push-Ups to Pinups or Grit to Glory and do a photo shoot under the sun, or if you want to join us for a relaxing week in the sun you’re more than welcome to do so. The whole idea is to just have a good time, bring a friend, bring a spouse, bring a partner it doesn’t matter just bring a good attitude and the fun will follow. See ya on the beach!

Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa

Set amongst lush jungle, soaring mountains, dazzling coral reefs and the picturesque Tangolunda Bay, Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa is a sanctuary of leisure and adventure. Enjoy spacious rooms and suites, six swimming pools, including a large infinity pool, an idyllic pier overlooking the stunning Caribbean Sea, and an Explorer’s Club for Kids. The surrounding jungle, mountains and coral reefs enhance the perpetual day and night adventures. Dreams Huatulco is minutes from waterfalls, lagoons, and traditional Mexican towns. This gem is sure to provide an unforgettable vacation experience for guests of all ages.

Pricing – for first 20 people (deposit paid) before June 30th

Deluxe Room Tropical View (Double Occupancy) – $2312.91+$157 (taxes) = $2469.91
Child Rate (3-12) – $899 + $109 (taxes) = $1056.00

These prices are only available for the first 20 people and/or before June 30th. We currently have only 20 spots on hold for us till June 30th at that price. After that Laurie, our travel agent, will be able to provide you a price.

For more information about the resort and travel arrangements please contact Laurie from TPI 
Phone: (204) 837-6496 

Things to Do

  • Huatulco Zipline canopy tour
  • Mexican cooking classes
  • ATV ride to Llano Grande Waterfalls
  • Ocean Spray Mountain coffee plantation tour
  • Five Bays tour
  • Huatulco Jungle ATV tour
  • Snorkeling in Maguey Bay
  • Huatulco canyoneering adventure on the Zimatan River
  • Turtle and Crocodile eco tour from Huatulco with mangrove boat ride
  • Whitewater rafting – level 1 – Copalita River
  • Day trip to Oaxaca’s emerald coast
  • Hualtuco city sightseeing tour with Mezcal Sampling
  • Surf lessons in Hualtuco
Push-Ups to Pinups / Grit to Glory

It’s always a good time, sand under your feet, the crash of waves against you, the sun beaming down and the camera snapping away. Our destination shoots have always been a great deal of fun. Let’s face it, it’s hard to not have a good time on a beach, feeling confident in your bathing suit and strutting around with the confidence that comes with working hard for 12-weeks to get in the best shape of your life.

We have two options for P2P or G2G, the full program starting November 27th or the shorter program starting Jan 1st. Both are 4 workouts/week as always, but we do ask that if you are planning on doing the shorter program, please come into relativity fit already.

For questions about these programs please contact Jason @ 204.832.0328 or

Short Program

$180bi-weekly payments

January 1st Start4 Payments of $180$320 EnrollementSign Up


For those who are doing P2P or G2G here’s your itinerary! If you’re not doing either program you’re welcome to join us for a workout and obviously for all the super duper fun stuff.


Travel Day

Bye Bye cold Winnipeg, hello hot Huatulco. We are wheels up bright and early, point our compass south and make our way to the beautiful beaches of Mexico. We arrive early afternoon so plenty of time to get settled in and find the best spots on the beach. Remember to use plenty of sunscreen, not only are tan lines not good for photos but skin cancer isn't great either. Departing Winnipeg 05:00 - Arriving 13:40


Workout Day

Let's beat the heat and get up early and hit the beach for a fun beachside workout. Maybe a little yoga, who knows all I know is we're going to have a few laughs while fumbling around in the sand. After the workout you are free to go about your day... just remember sunscreen!


Photo Shoot Day

Now we get to the good stuff, the time in front of the camera. We will have a schedule for you prior to getting to Mexico. Your day will start with Melissa taking care of your hair and make-up, and then off to the beach you go. The whole day takes about 10 hours, but once you're done your shoot you're free to go about your day. And once everyone is done it's party time!


Free Days

We work hard we play hard. Now that we have all the work out of the way lets play. There is nothing scheduled for these days other than a good time.


Travel Day

All good things must come to and end, on the plus side our end doesn't come till the afternoon. So we still have a morning to take in those last couple of rays of sun. Departing Mexico 14:45 - Arriving 00:30