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Private Facility

Our facility is for our clients, you won’t see just jo-shmo off the street come in for a workout. Everyone you see in here is working towards their own goals but all passionate about helping others around them.

Awesome People Doing Amazing Things

All the people you see in here all have their unique goals, and it’s this environment that helps nurture everyone to succeed. Imagine a whole gym of people cheering you on, it is truly something you have to see to believe.

Award Winning

We are proud to add Consumer’s Choice Award Winner for Top Health/Fitness in Winnipeg to our growing list of accolades. When you’re at Aspire you can feel confident you are with the best.

We love our clients

See what they have to say

Loved their Pushups to Pin-ups program and still going. Real, educated trainers who know what they’re doing and most importantly–love what they’re doing. Highly recommend!



Push-Ups to Pinups | 2014

Working out at Aspire Fitness was as a referral from a friend. Walking through the doors I had no idea what to expect and had it in my mind that it must be like every other fitness facility. The truth is that it is nothing like any other fitness facility I have tried. The workouts are challenging but nothing worth having comes without hard work. The staff are excellent – well trained and proficient in answering your fitness questions. The clientele are second to none. When you belong to Aspire – you become part of a family! Try it – you will never regret it!



Push-Ups to Pinups | 2013

What makes Aspire different from all the other gyms out there? The people!

Working out in a positive, inclusive environment is so incredibly rare in the fitness world where everyone is “super busy” and wearing headphones to zone out! Not at Aspire, everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable and motivating! It didn’t take me long for me to feel right at home at this gym which has a result has kept me motivated to stay on track, helped me shed many unwanted lb’s and I made a bunch of new friends along the way!



Push-Ups to Pinups | 2014

I have been attending Aspire Fitness for nine years. When I started I was overweight and definitely not fit. Now at age 65 I feel strong and healthy. I have energy that I lacked years ago!



CustomFIT | 2007




Aspire’s personal trainers respects that everyone’s goals are unique and so should be your training program. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength and stamina or to become a better athlete, Aspire’s CustomFit program is tailored to your goals and your body. Making the decision to choose a more active lifestyle is a great choice in increasing your quality of life. Let us help you set measurable goals, challenge you and be with you every step of the way.


Push-Ups to Pinups

At Aspire we have the belief that every woman has the right to feel beautiful; whether it’s her wedding or a high school reunion. As a woman it is your right to feel beautiful in your own skin. Push-ups to Pinups is the perfect opportunity to showcase that feeling and look like a super model. You may be hesitant at first and think “I could never look like that” or “I’d be too nervous to do a photo shoot”. But that’s the beauty of professional photos; they allow you to see what you really look like without the critical self-deprecating voice you use when looking in the mirror.


Grit to Glory

A 14-week gritty, progressive program constructed to challenge everyone from the gym-newcomer to the seasoned sweat-junkie. 4 workouts a week will be executed in-house under the supervision of certified kinesiologists and additional homework.

Yes. Everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight, especially after putting in the work and this is the best way to capture that success.

Recent Pinups

Push-Ups to Pinups | Brittany

Class of 2015 / Class of 2016 / Hair - Allanna / Hair - Lisa / Make-Up - Sayuri

Push-Ups to Pinups | Gillian

Class of 2016 / Hair - Allanna / Make-Up - Kimberly

P2P/G2G | Mike and Susie

Class of 2016 / Hair - Jena / Hair - Lisa

Grit to Glory | Cory

Class of 2016 / Hair - Allanna

Push-Ups to Pinups | Cari

Class of 2016 / Hair - Jena / Make-Up - Jena

Push-Ups to Pinups | Anne

Class of 2016 / Hair - Allanna / Make-Up - Sayuri

Push-Ups to Pinups | Laurel

Class of 2014 / Class of 2015 / Class of 2016 / Hair - Melissa / Make-Up - Sayuri

Push-Ups to Pinups | Georgia

Class of 2016 / Hair - Lisa / Make-Up - Sayuri

Push-Ups to Pinups | Colette

Class of 2016 / Hair - Jena / Make-Up - Kimberly

Grit to Glory | Richard

Class of 2016

Push-Ups to Pinups | Laura

Class of 2016 / Hair - Lisa / Make-Up - Kimberly

Push-Ups to Pinups | Dana

Class of 2016 / Hair - Allanna / Make-Up - Sayuri

Push-Ups to Pinups | Ewelina

Class of 2015 / Class of 2016 / Hair - Penny / Make-Up - Kimberly / Make-Up - Sayuri

Push-ups to Pinups | Kim

Class of 2016 / Hair - Lisa / Make-Up - Jena

P2P/G2G Mexico 2016

Class of 2016 / P2P Destination

Push-Ups to Pinups | Lisa-Marie

Class of 2016 / Hair - Lisa

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